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Pre purchase inspection

502 Lyons St south, Ballarat

Prepared for

Ms Smith

On 15th May 2015

Peter Batchelor

Licenced plumber 32663

PH: 03 3551 1952 MOB: 0448 026 041

ABN 88447044750



The water meter is located above ground. A pressure limiting valve is not installed and a back flow prevention is not installed. The condition of the water is reasonable.

Comment : the water meter is located in the north corner of the property and would be getting due for a replacement from the water board.

water meter

The piping is copper and polymer and is in good condition.

Comment: pipe from the water meter to the house is copper, under the house is polymer, some exposed polymer outside the kitchen and at hot water service, this piping should be painted to protect from ultra violet rays.

exposed polymer pipe.

The pipe location is under the timber floor.

The external taps are good.

Pressure test: 700 Kpa

Leak test : small leak detected.

Comment : 500 kpa is recommended inside a building, small leak most likely from dripping kitchen tap.

Kitchen tap ware: 2 single outlet taps, hot water has a drip, button missing on hot tap, recommend replacing.

tap wear

laundry tap

Toilet cistern and connection: small drip from spindle when turned, replace o-ring, otherwise sound.

Laundry and trough tap ware, has undergone a recent addition of laundry taps, no leaks, although they are aging.

Bathroom: tap ware is old but serviceable, no leaks, found, basin taps are reversed.

Shower head is not a water saving head.


Recommendations: paint external polymer pipes, have tap ware serviced or replaced.

Install pressure limiting valve at water meter to reduce wear on taps and appliances.

Install tempering valve on hot water service to prevent scolding.


The gas meter location is north east corner, very accessible. The location is according to the standards and clear of ignition sources and openings.

In working condition.

Connected is according to the standards.

gas meter

Tested fitting line for leaks for 5 mins at 2.75kpa, no leak detected.

The location of the fitting line is under the house, exposed on the west wall to hot water service.

Connection to appliances, meets regulation.

Appliance isolation, meets regulation.

Appliance flues, gas cowl on inbuilt heater recommended replacing.

Appliance instillation, location in accordance with standards.

Age of appliances, Rinnai inbuilt heater, 3 years old and Bosch hot water 2 years old, both in good condition.

gas heater

Recommendations: replace gas cowl on inbuilt heater, service appliances regularly.

Storm water

Material, mixture of PVC, victorious and steel.

Point of connection, there are three outlets draining into blue stone gutter in Lyons st, the highest point is in the UPVC draining veranda and the north east corner of the main roof, the pipe is level from the inlet to the outlet, no gradient.

The next point draining to Lyons st is victorious clay, draining skillion roof, veranda and remainder of upper roof, the pipe is in good condition, although the outlet has partial blockage from grass intrusion. A lot of water draining to 1 down pipe.

Comment, we would recommend extra down pipes to be installed at box gutter.

The lower point in the steel pipe draining the garage and the shed, have no problems visible.

All the points are connected and are draining to the legal point of discharge.

Camera report, other than lack of gradient on the UPVC drain, all the other points meet regulations and standards.

down pipes


Above Ground, 

the waste pipes from the basin , and kitchen sink are in galvanised steel, and are prone to blockages. The shower, laundry and toilet are in UPVC and meet standards.

Inserted small camera through inspection opening on basin discharge pipe, shower, and kitchen sink. All pipes except shower had a build-up of corrosion on the internal bores as expected, shower and laundry trough was clean as it is made from UPVC

Steel pipes may need cleaning from time to time.

above ground

Below Ground, inserted cctv camera through WC inspection opening, all piping material is victorious clay, there was no evidence of root intrusion or pipe damage, although I was unable to inspect pipe work above WC branch.

below ground


Although I was unable to inspect pipe work above WC branch, to the top of the drain without owner’s permission as I would have cut into the vent pipe, I feel this also should be in good condition as there were no trees or plant life that would enter drain.

Roof: Main roof on house has been replaced, most like from hail storm in 1990. Flashings, valley and gutter in good condition.

Skillion roof needs to be screwed down, currently is nailed, has penetrations that don’t appear water tight, roof sheets don’t enter the gutter by the required amount (50mm), as mentioned with storm water, has too much water from upper roof draining on to skillion. Spouting and down pipes in good condition.

Shed roof, spouting and downpipes in good conditioned.

Upper roof draining onto lower skillion roof and nails lifting out of skillion roof.

Nails lifting and roof sheeting not entering spout by required measurement.

one of the unsealed penetrations on the skillion roof